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Let's share our experience

Orion International Consultants is a powerhouse of highly skilled individuals with diverse cultural backgrounds and extensive experience in business development across Europe, Asia, Russia, India, North and South America, serving both private and public clients. They have an exceptional track record of providing multifaceted services to a wide range of clientele. Their extensive network of trusted partners around the world enables them to deliver effective solutions and achieve remarkable results for their clients.

Some of our projects


Defense & security

Mission carried out in Taiwan for a French customer manufacturing defense and security devices

Surveillance cameras looking at a man and a woman

Electromagnetic Compatibility

Mission carried out for a North American company targeting Australian market

A map of Australia

Telecommunications & Antennas

Mission carried out for a European customer to probe Taiwanese ODM manufacturers

Radar system mounted on a truck

Metalwork industry

Mission carried out for a French customer manufacturing metal elements for a client in Thailand

Urban Architecture

Electromagnetic & Microwave

Mission carried out for a French manufacturer to manage its ASEAN representatives

A view of Taipei 101 and Xinyi business district at dusk
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